Staying Connected

During these strange times where many of us have been forced into social isolation to some extent, I’m aware of the research that informs us of the value of positive social interaction, and how important it is to the healthy functioning of our autonomic nervous system – the part of us that helps us to de-stress so that we don’t remain distressed!

Smiling, laughing, talking, listening, emoting all seem to switch on the vagus nerve which has a calming influence on our nervous systems. So whenever we notice ourselves feeling anxious, it’s worth having a go at
Feeling the ground under the feet, taking a moment to breathe deeply and coming into the present moment, and then
Think of someone who might be good to connect with to help you move away from the repetitive thoughts, worries or regrets that can fuel our anxiety.

Another way that I find helps to disconnect me from anxious thoughts is to get up and dance wildly to lively music, allowing myself to smile. This is a simple way to activate the calming system.

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