You’re invited to try out some creative ways of meditating…

Breathing meditation

Just as you are in this moment, notice that you are breathing. Now be aware of the breath entering the body through the nose and settling in the chest or abdomen. Slowly release the breath. Pause, and then return to your normal breathing.

Stretching meditation

Take a moment to stand, hands by your side. Notice your feet on the ground… and take a breath in through your nose. Slowly raise the arms out to the side. Breathe and lift the arms above the head. Breathe and feel the gentle stretch. Breathe. Then slowly lower the arms. Stand and breathe.

Have some fun collecting scraps of material , pieces of coloured paper, foil, leaves ~ anything glue-able ~ and create a picture just for you. No competition, no judgement ~ just breathing and being aware of enjoying the moment of creativity

Smiling Meditation

Just as you are, notice you are breathing, allow your gaze to settle on something beautiful or gently close your eyes. Let a tiny smile play on your lips and be aware of it creeping up your cheeks to your eyes and forehead. Enjoy smiling for a moment, then continue your day.

Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

Set off for a walk on your own, breathing as you go, pausing when you choose, noticing the wonderful world around you.

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.” Rumi

This is an invitation to enjoy using your imagination: Feel the space in the picture below. Smell the sea air. Take off your shoes and paddle in the water. Forget about concerns just for a moment. Take a break and breathe!

and breathe…

Have a go at practising breathing through the nose and mouth by clicking on this short recording. I found it helpful:

Professor Mark Williams has produced the following recording which you might enjoy. It is an 8 minute audio meditation to try out:

If you have access to SPOTIFY you might like to use this recording for a change:

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I recorded this meditation in my garden. It’s a 3 minute guided breathing meditation to help your practice at anytime of day: