Today I believe…

Today I believe that I am allowed to speak my mind: not in a way that is intentionally harmful, but in a way that is honest and allows my ever changing self to be expressed without fear.

Today I believe that I have sometimes remained silent when I should have spoken out – on behalf of others, or in order to simply express my view, as well as be interested in your view.

Today I believe that I feel a sense of freedom as a result of allowing myself to challenge what other’s think. Today I am smiling, not with a sense of victory but with a feeling of relief, a feeling of liberation, a feeling of peace because I can speak.

Recently I read a book written by Valarie Kaur, a Sikh activist. Although my core belief comes from my Christian upbringing and more recent interest in the Buddhist way of living, I’m really pleased that I continue to grow and change as I reflect on different faiths and spirituality. 

Tomorrow will be a new day…

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